Thursday, March 3, 2011

Going For It...

Well, I have decided to leap, head-first...I have decided to GO FOR IT and am finishing up a short story to sub for an anthology.  Gah!!!!

This is my dream.  It has been for a while, but me being the procrastinator and always listening to my inner bitch telling me I could never do it, I have finally shoved a sock down her throat and put my fingers in my ears and am loudly 'lalalala-ing' to drown out her negativity.

Although I am going to send this thing in, and am really excited about just accomplishing that (whether they take it or not), I never would have done this on my own...never would have known about this opportunity...never would have thought this story merited anymore attention than I had already given it if it hadn't been for Lee Brazil.

Yes...Lee Brazil!!  The uber-talented, published author that I consider a dear friend.  He actually is the one that suggested I try to do this.

What the what?????


Ok...let's just stop there for just a second.  Lee is, I think, about the nicest person I have ever met.  Honestly. I have never heard or seen him have a cross word to say, is always gracious and friendly to anyone and everyone.  I read his work and admire his talent IMMENSELY.  He is one of my top faves, to be honest (and NO I am not saying that because I know him or whatever).  So, to have someone whose own talents you so greatly admire, and whose opinion you have them mention that you should try...that HE deems my words worthy to give it a great is that?

It's fucking AMAZING!!!!

So, Lee...whether I am successful or not...I still can't thank you enough for the unbelievable gift that you have given me...your belief in me.

This has kick-started something in me...that little bitch in my head doesn't have as much to say just lately.  And, though I know I am not the next great American author, it doesn't matter...I love what I am doing and that their are other people who are enjoying my little ditties...that is just bonus.

Thank you, Lee.

And, a photo I just had to steal...Thank you, George's hoping. : )


Denise Vega said...

Don't ever doubt your Awesomeness Sweetie go for it Hugs & Love ;)

LB said...

Thank you, Monika- your work speaks for itself- and I believe you don't give yourself enough credit. :)

Havan said...

You can do it honey! Lots of best wishes sweetheart!

StarLady said...

You go girl! I'm rootin' for ya! *HUGS* and much love! =D

Hank said...

You're gonna make it after all! Just like Mary Tyler Moore! I can't wait to read your story in that collection. :-)