Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Snark

Who can resist some snark?  Not a lot of people, it's starting to look like and Marie Sexton's helping to satisfy everyone's desire for some smart ass with the Saturday Snark Blog Hop.

Hope everyone enjoys my little Snarky, cherry-popping offering.

From my WIP, tentatively titled, "GrovePark Hotel":

Eden Grove is Evan Morgan's best friend and she's not too keen on his latest bed partner...

     She was brilliant and sharp and knew Evan better than he knew himself sometimes.
     “So, how’s Simon?”
     Oh, and he forgot to add: she was a complete bitch.
     She sipped her coffee so daintily, her lashes batting in the perfect imitation of innocent interest, but Evan knew better.
     “I’m not married, for fuck’s sake.” He heaved himself off the table, sprawling out against the wide leather seat they shared, using the excuse of removing the lid from his still-steaming cup to avoid looking her in the eye. “Nothing wrong with admiring the view.” He added with a shrug, licking the foam that always clung to the top.
     Leaning back herself, she mirrored Evan’s posture and spoke behind the lip of her cup. “Thank God for small mercies.”