Thursday, April 21, 2011


It doesn't come out until 1 June, but it is up for pre-sale right now.  It contains short stories from over twenty great authors.  And, I happen to be included, too. : )

My short story:  Fragile blurb--

Dr. Andy Jameson considers the job of team physician for a regional college football team to be the perfect prelude to a specialized residency. But tending to injuries suffered during the brutal, full-contact sport is nothing compared to the injury he inflicts upon himself by falling in love with the ruggedly handsome head coach, Erik Sheridan. Andy’s content to love from afar until he literally sees the writing on the wall—a message hastily scrawled on the coach’s bathroom mirror—and realizes his last night on the job could be just the beginning of a life with the man he loves.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Wow, it's been a bit dry around here lately.  Nothing to blog about least nothing that would interest anyone to read about it.  Just real life problems and issues being a drag, but hey!  When aren't they?

But, yesterday was a BIG...HUGE...TOTALLY for me.  In my email inbox yesterday was a message from Dreamspinner Press, announcing the Daily Dose Anthology, First Time for Everything, is available for pre-order.  This is the anthology that will include my very own short story, "Fragile".  My very first published work!!!!!!

(I know, I have mentioned that a million times here already, but sheesh, sue me, I am STOKED!!)

Taking a peek at the link, I got to see the other authors that were included, and, once again, I was blown away.  I mean, these are authors I REALLY admire, so I am skunnered to think I will be published right along side them. 

Someone, pinch me, please.  : )

Oh, and lookie this cover not the sexiest thing you have ever seen???


That's my VERY FIRST COVER!!!!  How did I get so lucky?

I am not resting on my laurels, however.  I am currently working on three projects, simultaneously.  Yeah, my brain is about to turn to mush, but I am eager and hungry for more, PLUS I have a couple of people, really IMPORTANT people, pushing and encouraging me to get more out there.  So, I am striving to do just that.  I hope to get another post up later about these projects because I am really excited about them.

Well, that's it for now, enough with the "look at me!"...there is work to be done. : )

Friday, April 1, 2011


It's Friday and the sun has been shining here for the first time all week, but it's still too damn cold.

So, to kick start the weekend, here's a little sumpin' sumpin' to warm all those chilly bits.

Courtesy of Homotography-
Aaron O'Connell photographed by Mariano Vivanco: