Thursday, April 21, 2011


It doesn't come out until 1 June, but it is up for pre-sale right now.  It contains short stories from over twenty great authors.  And, I happen to be included, too. : )

My short story:  Fragile blurb--

Dr. Andy Jameson considers the job of team physician for a regional college football team to be the perfect prelude to a specialized residency. But tending to injuries suffered during the brutal, full-contact sport is nothing compared to the injury he inflicts upon himself by falling in love with the ruggedly handsome head coach, Erik Sheridan. Andy’s content to love from afar until he literally sees the writing on the wall—a message hastily scrawled on the coach’s bathroom mirror—and realizes his last night on the job could be just the beginning of a life with the man he loves.


Anonymous said...

Yey and yey, looks like a killer anthology and mucho congratulations on your 'first time'. heh heh.

Harper said...

Hey! Do you know when your title will be available as an individual release? I'd like to buy it!