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Happy Valentine's Day!

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A day dedicated to love...what could be better than that?

How about a day dedicated to love and the latest installment to The Story Orgy???

Oh yeah...........

Now, I have to post this with a disclaimer.  Since posting last weeks, I have been Sick.  Yes, Sick, with a captial 'S'.  Knocked down by the flu, then sidelined with a case of bronchitis that has had me in and out of the emergency room over the weekend.  So, I hope everyone will read this with that in mind.

I haven't re-read it, and I am SURE it is full of some doozy errors.  At some point this week, when I am more clear-headed and ungorked, I hope to rework it.  As it is now, I just hope it makes sense...sigh.

Much love and a whole heap of thanks for giving me a break if it rots.

This week's prompt:  "If I tell you the truth..."

This week's image, courtesy of Jade Baiser:

Revelation- pt. 3

Gus sighed his relief, hearing Chris’s promise.  No matter how mad he may be at Gus, he would keep his word.  Gus just needed time…to explain…to figure out what was going on in his own head.

Earlier at the club, watching Chris with his date, something had clicked inside of Gus, and had simmered all night long.   But, when he had watched as Chris and the guy kissed goodnight, the ‘something’ had become blinding in its intensity and had caught Gus completely off-guard.

Thank God the guy hadn’t been in Chris’s bed when Gus had snuck in...He wasn’t sure what would have happened, but he was more than certain Chris wouldn’t be willing to hear him out now if he had been.

Though he had Chris’s promise, he still didn’t want to give him any wiggle room, literally or figuratively.  So, Gus, slowly slid to the side, keeping their bodies in close contact as he moved to lie facing Chris on the floor.  His leg still rested across Chris’s hip, his arm wrapped around Chris’s middle, Gus rested his head on the other and searched Chris’s face in the dim light.

“Well?”  Chris finally asked, his brows drawn tight, his face unreadable.  It was the first time Gus had ever seen that in Chris; shielding his thoughts for the first time since they had known each other.  It made Gus uncomfortable and more than a little wary, and that was definitely a  feeling he wasn’t used to.

Chris was stiff, his body rigid and unyielding.  Gus felt his frustration rising…why couldn’t Chris see what Gus was trying to say, without making him have to spill it all out between them?

Gus sighed and Chris moved to get up, but Gus held tight, his hand splaying against Chris’s back, his leg holding tighter around his hip.

“You have my promise, Gus, just say what you want to say.  It’s damned uncomfortable here on the floor.”

Chris’s frustration was tangible and Gus knew his reluctance to now speak was only making matters worse, so he took a deep breath.  “Can I stay with you tonight?”

That did it.  Before Gus could react, Chris had jumped to his feet with a disgusted groan.

“You are a piece of work.”  Chris bit off as he stormed off down the hall.  “Are you high tonight?  Is that it?  Drinking’s not enough anymore?”

Gus sat up, hugging his knees tightly to his chest as he listened to Chris rifling through the cupboard and continuing to berate him…and he deserved every word Chris threw at him.

“What the fuck is going on with you?  I don’t understand all…this…tonight?  The theatrics.   Why, Gus?”  Chris came back in the room with an armload of blankets and a pillow he threw in the general direction of the sofa.  “You don’t have to act like you want to sleep with me, you know.  Have I ever turned you away from my door?  When have I ever not been there for …”

“You have always been there for me.”  Gus interjected quietly, his chin resting on his knee as he stared at the floor at Chris’s feet.  “Always…”

“Yeah, trust me, I am aware of how much of a doormat I am when it comes to you.”  Gus closed his eyes against the acid of Chris’s words.  

He was totally aware of the corner he had painted himself into, whatever Gus said now Chris would automatically have his defenses up against.  Hell, Gus couldn’t blame him.  He had taken advantage of Chris’s feelings over and over in the past and hadn’t ever given it a second thought.  Yes, he was paying for that dearly now, as he looked up from where he sat on the floor to the dejected and rightfully pissed off Chris standing on the other side of the room.

“I don’t think you’re a doormat.”

Chris barked a bitter laugh.  “Thanks, but we both know I am when it comes to you.”  Chris shoved his hand through his hair in a frustrated gesture.  “It’s late, I’m tired and I’m going to bed.  Everything you need is there,”   He motioned with a quick nod of his head at the sofa and the pile of bedding he had pulled out for Gus to use. 

With nothing else to say, Chris turned and headed back down the hall to his bedroom, as he passed Gus reached out and took his hand. 

Swallowing the fist-sized lump that was threatening to choke him, Gus held tight to Chris’s hand, staring intensely where their fingers entwined.  It hurt that Chris refused to look at him, but there was no going back now…not for either of them.

“Not everything I need is there.”  Gus informed Chris, finally rising up out of the floor, still clasping his hand tightly in his own.  “You’re not there.”  Gus whispered, lifting Chris’s hand to his lips, pressing them gently to the smooth skin on the back of Chris’s hand, letting them linger as he felt Chris tremble.

“Gus, don’t…”  He meekly tried to pull his hand away, but Gus held firm, letting his lips and breath skim each knuckle.

“I want to stay with you tonight, not on your couch…I want to be with you tonight, Chris, in your bed.”

Gus felt Chris freeze solid in place, heard the sharp breath he took and held.  Gus lifted his eyes to look at Chris and was crushed by the frightened, wide-eyed shock that marked his best friends face.   His heart cracked wide open and he cursed himself with everything he had that he had put that look on Chris’s face.

“I don’t understand.”  Chris managed to whisper and it caused another ripple of pain to tear through Gus.

“I know.”  Gus quietly admitted, ignoring the involuntary flinch Chris gave as Gus lifted his free hand to gently cup the side of Chris’s head.  “We need to talk…about so many things, but…later, ok?  Just for tonight, pretend I am the man you deserve…”

With that, Gus claimed Chris’s mouth and after only a brief moment of hesitation, Chris returned the kiss, sinking into it, sinking into Gus and the warm solidness of his embrace.  Gus left Chris unable to think, to hesitate as they somehow found their way down the hall, tumbling into Chris’s bed in a tangle of arms and legs.

They were naked within minutes, mouths trailing hot kisses over smooth, tight skin; teeth biting into firm muscle; hands kneading and stroking steely hardness; the sounds of lust and burgeoning love fueling their need.

Gus held nothing back, the time he had denied that he had felt anything for Chris roared out of him.  His body covered Chris’s, his mouth devouring Chris’s neck as Chris groaned  and writhed beneath him, arching for greater reach and to allow Gus all he wanted at his throat.

Their bodies were fused, sweat forming on the skin trapped between them.

“God, Chris.”  Gus panted heavily in Chris’s ear as Chris dug his fingers deeper into Gus’s ass, grinding their pelvises together hungrily.  “I want you…”

Chris groaned and shuddered hearing those words, knowing it wasn’t a dream or fantasy, but true and real and…now.

“I want you, too.”  Chris whispered into Gus’s hair.  “Do it.  Just go…slow.”

Gus raised his head from Chris’s throat.  “Are you sure?  We don’t have to do that…”

Chris smiled, wiping the damp tendrils of Gus’s hair back from his forehead.  “I want it.”

Gus’s face burned with high color as he smiled down at Chris before kissing him long and slow and deep.  “Just tell me if I do it wrong…”

Chris couldn’t help but laugh, more than a little shyly.  “I’m the last person you should ask, probably.”

Gus lifted himself up on his elbows, looking down at Chris.  “What do you mean?”

“If I tell you the truth…”  He trailed off, letting his eyes drift to a point beyond Gus’s left shoulder.

“Hey, you,”  Gus soothed, tipping Chris’s chin with a finger, so that he could see his eyes.  “What’s going on in that head of yours?”

Chris visibly swallowed, his throat working nervously before he spoke.  “I’ve never…I didn’t…”

Gus took a deep breath, his heart swelling with a combination of love and awe.  “Because of me?”

Chris only shrugged, his eyes refusing to meet Gus’s now.  “I just never wanted anyone enough to let them…”

“But, you want me enough?”

Chris closed his eyes and stifled a groan.  “Is this turning into an ego trip for you?”

“No!”  Gus insisted, vehement in his denial.  He kissed Chris roughly until he felt the other start to respond again.  “Never.  I am…amazed.  I am touched and…humbled, Chris.  I don’t deserve you…I never have.”

Chris leaned up, kissing the soft spot just beneath Gus’s chin.  “But, that’s where you are wrong…”

***to be continued***

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LB said...

wonderful! I love this addition to your story, Monika! can't wait to see what happens next!

Denise Vega said...

I loved your story I just hate having to wait till next week : )

J. R. Boyd said...

What a beautiful and touching contribution to Chris and Gus's relations. Absolutely touching...

melanie said...

lovely...I so wanted to see what would happen next and was not disappointed.

CJ said...

wow...beautifully done! And I'm glad to see it from Gus's point of view.

Hank said...

Oh, Monika. And to think you wrote such a lovely installment while battling being Sick with a capital "S"! I really loved this, such a nice twist at the end with Chris saving himself for Gus. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope you feel better.

StarLady said...

Monika, this was just awesome! What a pair Chris and Gus make. I love it! =)

Monika said...

Thanks everyone...for the kind comments. It means a lot to me. Love you all for it.