Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow Day...

The snowiest winter in over 30 years.

That's our local news headline, like a broken record.  Seems everyday, a new storm front is heading our way.  It's beautiful, I have to admit that.  My tiny little farmhouse, perched on it's hill, looks picturesque amidst the snow-laden mature oaks and pecan and pear trees.  The multitude of birds gathered around our many feeders, fighting off the squirrels that vie for the bits thrown to the the ground.  A majestic white-tail buck walks through with his little harem of no less than six doe at any given time of the day...yes, it's winter's beauty at it's finest.

It's just so cold.  Brrrr...I can't handle it, At. All.  The blood thinners I take make me freeze in the summer, so you can imagine how it is for me now.  I look like an Eskimo all the time.  Sleeping in sweats and socks and a hat's actually kind of funny.

So, yes, it snowed again yesterday.  Big, fat white flakes that looked like feathers or cottonballs falling from teh sky.  We got several inches but luckily, it was a wet snow, and didn't cause any problems on the roads, so the kiddoes made it to school.  Yay!  I love my babies, I do, but yesterday was their first day back after a two and a half week Christmas break...we were all getting a little stir crazy and I was not looking forward to them being here today.

Bad mommy. :(

My grandmother is still in the hospital, recovering from her stroke.  She is 88 and has been in good health until the past few months.  Just really seeing her go downhill pretty quickly.  But, maybe that is a blessing.  No one wants to suffer, especially at that age.   But, she comes from good stock...the women on that side of the family are long-lived.  Who can know.

Me?  I just keep swimming.  I am keeping it together as best I can, I have taken to meditating and it really makes a difference.  I am taking less pain medicine during the day, so that is a good thing.  The past week has been productive, creatively at least.  I have started writing again.  Sometimes I wonder why I do, it's not like anyone is ever really going to see it, maybe a few friends, if they have the time or the inclination, but I have no faith that it's even any good.  Definitely aren't looking at a career with it or anything.  But, it makes me happy, I have all these little thoughts and's just nice to watch them appear on the page...maybe it'll be something someone will look at when I am gone.  Or, not...maybe it's not something I would want anyone to know about to begin with. LOL

I am posting some here, there is a little tab at the top of the page in case anyone wants a gander.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


LB said...

I;m glad things worked out for the day for you! And so happy you decided to share this story as you write it! It's lovely. You touch on aspects of the setting that create an immediate sense of place and I just know this is going to make me cry! Beatuiful!

Monika said...

Thank you, Lee, that means a lot, coming from you.

I cried when I wrote it, if that's any consolation?


Havan said...

You are sooooo strong and beautiful inside and out! I look forward to your every blog! *huggles*

Just Call me RED! said...

ok. well really i just had to stop by and say HEY!!!! I have been really busy as of late...I am excited you posted some of your story....I am off to read it now!!!

Monika said...

Havan- Thank you so much.

Red- I am glad you stopped by. It always makes my day to see you!!!

Amara Devonte said...

I'm awfully glad to see all this talk of writing. It'll be great. :)