Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mood "Muse"ic...

I'm not certain when I became aware of it, consciously, at any rate, but it just seems that music has always been a driving force in my life.  I've lived with the stories, told by my mom, of me dancing in my crib before I could even walk.  Pulling up to anything I could, shaking my little diapy-covered bum whenever I was within hearing distance of music.  Didn't matter if it was a commercial, my older brother's Allmon Brothers wailing from his bedroom, or just my mom singing something that was stuck in her head.

Music has always moved me.  And, I shouldn't be surprised how it continues to influence who I am.

I am an equal-opportunity music lover.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I do have my favorites *cough*LadyGagaDuranDuran*cough*, but I love and appreciate all types of music.  I am not one of those that can only appreciate country or heavy metal.  I see value and talent in all forms of music.  Perhaps it's because I am musically inclined myself.  Not gifted, but I can pick at a tune on a piano; I know intrinsically how the bridge of a song will play out.  This drives the hubs crazy.  LOL  He can play his favorite Mexican music, something surely I have never heard before, and I can hum right along as if I have heard it a hundred times.  Yeah, that's fun to do and watch his face...sorry, I can't help it. :P

My iTunes is a mess; no rhyme or reason.  It's nothing to put it on shuffle and go from DeBussy's Clair de Lune straight into AC/DC's Hell's Bells to bluegrass standards to Top 40 pop.

So, as I look at my files of ideas and things I have written, have left half finished, notes on others that I want to do...I shouldn't be surprised that they are all influenced by music.

I think I would like to share some of these...maybe the few of you that might read this, could give me feedback to see if it's worth my time to keep pursuing this dream to become a writer.  I dunno.  Everyone needs a dream, right?  : )

Soooo....the first I will share now.  It's the only completely 'complete' thing I have, everything else is just in stages, but this is also the first thing I ever wrote when I decided I really wanted to give it a shot.  It is embarrassingly m/f, self-indulgent and probably too maudlin to ever put out anywhere.  But, I am proud of it none the less.

"Something to Remind Me"
 I heard this song one day on the radio during the 80's flashback lunch hour...yeah, I want to know how that happened?  When did the 80's become the oldies but goodies?  Gah.

Anyway, I hadn't heard it in ages, and had always loved it, back in the day.  But, this time, it was just the weirdest thing, the story idea came to me in one of those weird flashes, like watching a movie in my head.  I had never had anything like that happen to me...hadn't actually thought about writing for years, but there it was...a beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking story just laid out in front of me.

The story doesn't have anything to do with the video, it's the feeling of the song...that something that is left behind when a love is lost.  It's the story of Cam and Chloe who fall in love at a young age, only to be separated by terrible lies and their own stubbornness.  It spans the 15 years and their struggles to come to terms with losing each other, but eventually a death reveals the lies and it seems that they can finally have their happy ending, but fate is a cruel mistress.

I don't think anyone would ever publish this, it does not have that Harlequin happy ending, but it is the only ending I could give it.  It was the ending that I wrote first, right after hearing the song.  It was so touching, I cried as I wrote it...and I still get choked up thinking about it.

I have a whole slew of unfinished projects, all of which have a song related to them in some way, but I won't bore you with them... this time.

: )


Just Call me RED! said...

Please never stop writing and being brave enough to share those thoughts with others! You are a remarkable writer and the feeling you put into what you write pours out. Please don't stop and know that I would read ANYTHING that you had to say! It moves me. Thanks for sharing!!!

Monika said...

Thank you,, just thanks a million. That's so nice to hear. I'll give it my best shot. :)

Havan said...

I concur babe . . . I love reading your 'sound' for lack of another term . . . but where is this story of Cam and Chloe? Am I missing a link somewhere??? I wanna read it!!!

Jennifer said...

I agree with Red and Havan! Where is this story of Cam & Chloe?? I want to read it too!
I LOVE this song, it is so heartbreaking, and wow, this video really hammers that heartbreak home.
Your writing rocks Monika, please keep sharing!

LB said...

I agree. You write beautifully and from the heart. (And I'm with you on the music thing- though I have little talent I love all forms of music)

Monika said...

Thank you, guys! Cam and sits here, in my WordPerfect folder, just hanging out. I wrote it nearly two years ago, and posted it as a serial on a fan page. Gerard Butler fan page, actually. I 'used' him as my Cam. Sigh...I am hopeless that way.

I love and am amazed that you guys would want to read it, though I have no idea how or where to post something that large. Yes, clueless much.

Can I just take a moment to say how much hearing from each and everyone of you just completely makes my day. It's a little bit of heaven that you all shine on me. And, I can't thank you enough...from the very bottom of my heart.

I do love you all.